Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beautiful autumnal tint around us !

It is autumn here in Korea and we can find out beautiful autumnal tint just where we are living.

This morning I went around my apartment with camera having pictured many of them enjoyable and want to share with you.

One of tree has red colored small fruit making lovely scene. This is just near parking lot. Beautiful place is not far away from us, but just be around us. 

Full of autumnal tint tree is collocated with others who are still having green leaves, but these will soon be going into getting lovely color. 

 Leaves of ginkgo is shining by sunlight at morning. Pretty yellow color is deeper giving me delighted.


Fallen leaves over the ground seems to be abandoned and I hope this will return to a nature having back to others in next spring.

 One security of apartment management is clearing out leaves. He might be hate these leaves from his burden to do cleaning while I am happy to see them. It is a kind of irony. ^^

 Lovely tree tunnel in small park gives relaxation to me. I will be here frequently with my family.

Color of autumn makes me happy. Do all of resident here enjoy or know this beauty ?
I hope people love what they already got. ^^

 One of great flower in autumn is chrysanthemum. White flower is so clean and beautiful.

Yellow chrysanthemum is still young, and it will soon be full having lovely scenery with white one.

Swing here might be best place for lovers. They will fall in love if couple enjoy this swing together. Lovely scenery and atmosphere makes people happy and open to something.

The best place to enjoy the seasonal greatness is just around us. We don't need to go out any of famous palce, but just get around us.

Happy and lovely autumn of you ~

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