Wednesday, March 14, 2012

High possibility of Windows 8 failure with current approach !

Extended use of smart phone and tablet PC would deeply impact Microsoft who is an emperor on the personal computer market.

How is Microsoft recovered from this difficulties ?

Recently Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and this new O/S can be freely downloaded in the Microsoft home page.

Download link for this.

The purpose of this is certainly being responded from users around the world.

The reaction from people who used this consumer preview version are quite different and it can be classified into two categories.
One is good from the tablet PC users, the other is bad from legacy PC users who are still using mouse and keyboard as an input device.

The first hot topic/issue from reviewers of this was how to completely remove Metro UI with having back to the old "Start" button screen interface, and most of these users have non-tablet PC.

This indicates that non-tablet PC computing can not be welcome Windows 8 touch screen based environment, and this should be the top concern of Microsoft over Windows 8 planning.

According to various reports, most enterprises still use Windows XP, and more than half of Windows O/S users are happy with Windows XP.

Microsoft also plans to withdraw supporting Windows XP in year 2014.
Therefore enterprise should be prepared to migrate from Windows XP to either Windows 7 or Windows 8.
But Windows 8 is focused to tablet PC computing, not considering for enterprise's
legacy mouse and keyboard computing environments.

Microsoft's Windows 8 strategy can be compared to that of Apple computer.
Apple has two track strategy, Mac OS X for legacy mouse and keyboard computing,
iOS for the tablet PC.

Why does Apple choose this kind of strategy ?
Microsoft should carefully review the reason on this.
I believe computing over tablet is completely different to that of the legacy, and these two opposite characteristic could not be incorporated into one O/S(Operating System).

Therefore I believe Microsoft also has two O/S strategy of,
 1. Windows tablet O/S for metro UI based touch screen computing
 2. Windows 8 O/S for legacy computing environments.

If they do like that, enterprise has incentive to migrate into Windows 8.

I hope this possible strategy could be helpful to Microsoft, and welcome it as a user of wonderful Windows O/S.

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  1. Microsoft should read this article with altering their plan on that. Good approach.