Monday, March 12, 2012

Why does big cloud computing providers focusing to business sector ?

Recently, HP seems to have their own cloud computing service in
next two months, and they will have more business-oriented features.

The first comer, Amazon has same approach to focus business sector other
than private, home market.

Why aren't they interested to home market, even there are big consumer
bases at that area ?

Computer needs at home is different that at business office.
Mostly home computer has been used to play back high quality video,
playing various games including 3D one requiring much of higher
computing and graphical power.
Those needs also was driven at office, too, but it wasn't higher.

Today's cloud computing technology can not support well playing back high
quality video and enjoying high quality video game.

The fast response in on-line game is also very crucial , but cloud computing
doesn't give that level of requirements.

Therefore home consumer will not use cloud computing to replace their
home computer, and this makes Amazon and HP are now focusing to business
oriented service.

But technology is revolutionized quickly and someday all of obtacle will be taken away,
and I would use cloud computing !

Good luck and progress in cloud computing business !

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