Monday, March 12, 2012

Who will be the winner at the home gateway battle ?

There is news that Google might unload the set-top-box business which had
taken through acquisition of Motorola Mobility.
This indicates that Google doens't have much importance of Motorola's
set-top-box business.
Another surprising news is that Cisco is also considering to sell the Scientific
Atlanta which is the majority of Cable TV's set-top-box business.

There are several IT devices or dummy consumer electronics at home. Those
are CATV/Satellite set-top-box, broadband modem(ADSL, VDSL), home
security device, home network controller, smart TV, referigerator, legacy TV, etc.

In my understanding, all of player at home are seeking to be main gateway
provider that consumer is connected to the Internet. From this business
domination, that player can prevail others easily.

But this gateway costs much of dollars to deploy as it has certain level of
computing power. If all of players are competiting against others, they all
are going to be failed in business.
If unit price of CATV set-top-box is about $100 per unit, total costs should
be increased dramatically by total subscribers.

What is the solution that players are win-win relationship ?
I suggest the modular type home gateway box which can support most of
functionality by changing the module card. Main interface box might be
jointly invested by players.

If consumer want to have IPTV service, telecommunication provider is
just putting IPTV module card into home gateway box, CATV into
CATV module, home security into camera/sensing module, etc.

The best players who can incorporate these functionality are set-top-box
manufacturers who are very experienced at home business environments.

If modular based jointly used home gateway box market is exploded,
Google would regret to sell its set-top-box business.

Who will be the winner at home gateway battle ? My answer is not just
some of players, but jointly used modular based home gateway box.

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