Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Implication of iPad selling three million in 3 days

Apple computer announced they has sold three million of new iPad, since its launch on Friday, March 16, 2012.
This is very amazing record to be compared to 180 days of iPad2 to get three million selling in 2010.

                                              (Source: Apple homepage)

We should carefully review what this kind of Apple's quick and massive selling record implicates to us.
Apple was considered to be lack of enough production and SCM(Supply Chain Management) capabilities holding huge products demands in such a short time.

Therefore delay of Apple's device delivery upon ordering is just believed to be the normal.

Having enough capabilities of production and SCM usually takes long time with complicated preparedness.
So Apple's quick selling of iPad3 in three days implicates that Apple is now competitive in the production and SCM area, too.

Apple's competitor, Samsung has strong competitiveness in those area because they have vertical and horizontal integration with their subsidiaries of the conglomerate.

Samsung and other Android side manufacturers will be very tough time if Apple who now has also very strong backoffice competitiveness is pushing them with highly valuable device and contents' intrinsic competitiveness.

Conclusively Samsung and other Android affiliate should be superior or at least the similiar level in the battle of the application ecosystem to compete with much strong Apple computer.

Android affiliate has siginificant advantages because they have the cooperative of several companies hoping to the collective intelligence, open systems compared to the closed of Apple's one.

This kind of hot competition between Apple and Android affiliate give us much benefits as it causes highly evolution,  I hope all of them keep playing very well.

Good luck in the business.

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