Thursday, March 15, 2012

PC will not be gone by cloud service.

Recently  one of the famous analyst company, Gartner announced their outlook that PC will be replaced with personal cloud service in year 2014.
But I am doubt that this would be happened in considering several factors influenced this trend.
To review this more confidently, I am going to include Tablet issue, too.

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1.  Why does cloud computing providers like Amazon focus to business market ?
  The global leader in Cloud computing service, Amazon has business-oriented cloud service portfolio. Even they provide some of personal cloud service, most of them are business area service.

   HP  recently announced they will begin business-oriented cloud service in next two months.

 Big company who has very good business review and incubation system is deeply reviewing current market condition in various view and way, and get final decision carefully.

It isn’t difficult to get feeling that personal cloud service is not well cooked up yet if we watch the business direction of these cloud service providers.

2.  How do you use cloud service for your personal needs ? Don’t you use it only storing of your stuffs ?

In watching cloud service use pattern of people including me, cloud service for person is focused to only store his/her data in order to use it anywhere, anytime.

Even Google docs has many features of word processing, spreadsheet works, it doesn’t give much benefit to us in freedom and flexibility compared to that of PC. Therefore we mainly use cloud service to store some contents.

3. High quality video game can not be possible in cloud service.

The main application of PC at home is playing game for kids. The favorite recent on-line games typically requires high performance, high quality video functionality that cloud service can not do now. There should be technical progress in this area based on consumer needs, but it wouldn’t be such an easy one from characteristics of  cloud service that server is doing most things requested from many clients. Even cloud server is ultimately high performance, graphic is just local client computer issue.

4. Securing the security is difficult in cloud service.

 One of frequently recommended tips in terms of cloud service from bank’s home page is that we shouldn’t store our personal certificate in the cloud service.
If we or organization can trust cloud service firmly, we wouldn’t see this kind of recommendation.
Could we store our cookies which is the result of our activities in web surfing at the cloud service ?
This would happen if we only use cloud service by throwing away personal computer at home.
Personally I will not put all of my personal stuff and records on the cloud service which can be revealed them in cyberspace by my mistake or hacking.
5. Personal privacy of contents use can not be taken in cloud service.

One of important and personal use of PC at home is watching and enjoying the movie which are the kind of illegally downloaded movie, adult video, etc and you never want somebody else know it. Will you enjoy those contents in the cloud service ?

6. Touch screen based Tablet computing can not support precise-control-required computing.

 Will you use Excel work which is requiring high volume data in pivot analysis on the tablet or smart phone ? Small screen, possible error in typing, slow speed of  input are the obstacle on this case.

Will you use tablet or smart phone to draw something on AutoCAD ?

As I mentioned above, cloud service or tablet computing couldn’t compete to PC computing at home in various area even evolution of technology is supporting them, and I believe PC will keep having important role at home without being disappeared.

I also agree that some sector of people will totally use cloud service or tablet computing, and contents or service(not individual device) will be important in the future.
 I wish PC will be evolved to support us at home with other devices having our life more fun and enjoyable.

Thanks a lot.


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